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Jade0915 --- 11 years ago -

Anybody know of a place to get decent/cheap picture frames? I'm tryin to decorate my....apartment/concrete box/whatever this place is.. LOL... and I need ALOT of picture frames.. but I dont have a whole lot of money to spend. Anyone got any ideas of where to go? I dont go outside of base much, becuase I tend to get lost, VERY OFTEN, but if you's guys/ladies can get me in the right direction, I'd be so happy.. LOL! thanks 

wowzers --- 11 years ago -

makeman or the 100YEN shop they have alot of different sizes.

go get lost, you will find your way back..LOL thats what I did. I just hated when I got lost on the little itsy bitsy tiny roads where it seems like only 1 car can fit.

good luck 

Jade0915 --- 11 years ago -

lost on the little itsy bitsy tiny roads

thats what I'm afraid of... I have a big van, and some of those roads I dont even think it'll fit down! LOL I'll definitely give it a try though.. Could you give me general directions to a Makeman and 100YEN shop? preferably ones that are somewhat close to kinser.. thanks. 

wowzers --- 11 years ago -

Oh sorry, cant help. We have a makeman by AV and we go to the those 2.
And 100 Yen shops are everywhere, drive on a main road and im sure you can find one, I only know things that are near my home...

Maybe someone else will reply & can help sorry. 

Balls To The Wall --- 11 years ago -

I always find stuff at the thrift store. :) 

Loved living in Oki --- 11 years ago -

There is a big 100 Yen store on the way to Foster from Kinser. Make a left at the intersection showing the convention center. It's the same road Round One is on. The 100 Yen store will be up on your right near a Uniglo and a shoe store. 

Balls To The Wall --- 11 years ago -

I got a few 10 packs for like $17 or $18 each.

Did they have any black colored ones? 

sToO --- 11 years ago -

You are at Camp Kinser. There is a MAKEMAN and 100yen just outside the gate on Route 58. (oh, that rhymes!)

Go out the middle gate (Gate #3) the one that is next to PIZZA HOUSE. (the gas station on kinser is near there also).
Exit the gate and turn LEFT (the left exit lane is in front of PizzaHouse). You will be on ROUTE 58 going North, towards Camp Foster.

sToO --- 11 years ago -

opps, my comment got cut off.

BUT, do not drive fast or far, stay in the left lane on Route 58.

Just as you get onto Route 58 will be another traffic signal. Go thru that, then there will be a DAIHATSU car dealer (white D on red background sign). A few buildings will be the SAN-A shopping center (3 red triangles (A) on yellow background sign). I do not know if there is 100yen in that store.

Just past there is another traffic signal. Makeman is just after that signal on left side.

DO NOT go DOWN the road/driveway just after the traffic signal, that is ORION BEER warehouse entrance.
You will turn into the MAKEMAN building (look for orange signs), a small entrance ramp goes into their parking garage.

Look around in Makeman and their 100yen store.

WHen you exit Makeman, I do not think you can make a right turn onto Route 58 going south back to Kinser. You may have to go left/north and make a U-Turn (a legal one) or turn at a cross-street and turn around. 

sToO --- 11 years ago -

In the comment above, LliO gave you info. for one of the best 100yen shops in the central Okinawa area.

Drive on Route 58 north towards Camp Foster. You will drive only about 1.5 kms and look for overhead signs for the CONVENTION CENTER. The left turn lane will be just before the Route 58 elevated road section (at the Arin Krin Garlic Restaurant on right side and the McDonalds at the round Slot & Pachinko building on the left side).

Stay in left lane, and then turn LEFT at the traffic signal. Follow that road (it is wide and divided) [that road is the Ginowan ByPass) at it curves around, and you will pass the Ginowan Boat Marina on the left, ROUND 1 on right side.
Keep going past the COnvention Center and Ginowan Gym/Sports Park on the left. A few more traffic signals look for a LAWSON on the left side (past the Family Mart) and behind it is a blue building that says [GAME St.] on it, you will turn into that shopping center. It has a UNIQLO and MAXVALU in it. THe 100 yen is in the corner next to the Shoes store.

At the traffic signal on the corner of the Shopping Center is a new McDonalds, you can also turn left onto that road and then left into the parking area. 

sToO --- 11 years ago -

That Shopping Center on the Bypass road is now called BAY COURT HANINS GINOWAN. 

yyyyy --- 6 years ago -

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Replica Gucci Handbags --- 6 years ago -

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oakleysunglasses --- 5 years ago -

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a5733225uu --- 5 years ago -

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