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Balls To The Wall

I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-23, 11 years ago.

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I ♥ Okinawa! Always remember, life is not that serious. :) Married. One kid. I am pretty sure that is it. I come to OU for "intanment."

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AF MFH pet policy - 9 years ago

I mean Z is technically considered to be an aggressive breed if she is not kept busy. She is the laziest dog I know. Most of the day she naps and the rest she licks your face. She is even happy to...

AF MFH pet policy - 9 years ago

Why is that dachshunds never make the "list"? Good thing they don't consider Z aggressive. ;)

Online Shopping... - 9 years ago

When did I grow a penis? There are too many topics on shipping for me to go through. You can easily search it and I am sure you can find the topic. It was probably about 2 years ago.

Online Shopping... - 9 years ago

There use to be a list on here where everyone posted who shipped here.

Yoooooooooooo Question - 9 years ago

To rent or buy? You can rent them at Outdoor Rec.

sooo... - 9 years ago

Nope. Don't plan on it either.

Double Coupons at Commissary? - 9 years ago

No. The Commissary does not do double coupons anywhere. It stated on their website. [b]No. The "double" or "triple" coupon promotions offered by commercial stores involve doubling, tripling (or o...

Terrorist Attack Warning - What would you do? - 9 years ago

And don't shoot me for posting it from Fox, but [url=]Linky[/url]

Saturday morning - 9 years ago

I slept in. It was a nice gesture made by my husband, since he will be gone. :)

Terrorist Attack Warning - What would you do? - 9 years ago

[b]Would you know what this article might be referring to, these possible "terrorist actions"? Would you be concerned?[/b] Only time I would be concerned is if my husband warned me. [b]Would you...

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