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Today's Patriot Express

who's talking here?

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afriendindeed --- 10 years ago -

They have cancelled the PE for today. You might want to call them before you pack everything up. 

ChiTownGrl --- 10 years ago -

Yep. Looks like SFC and myself will both be camping out at WestPac for awhile. 

JessicaB --- 10 years ago -

I have a friend that doesn't believe me that they have cancelled it after today until further notice...she is leaving in May towards the end of the month and I told her by then it should be back to normal... 

SFC :) --- 10 years ago -

Chi, I'm sorry girl :(
Is it rescheduled for tomorrow?
BTW, good news here...we have a flight itinerary *YAY* we leave next Friday! 

JessicaB --- 10 years ago -

^^^^ is it on a commerical flight? 

SFC :) --- 10 years ago -

Yes Jessica! 

JessicaB --- 10 years ago -

:) wahoo!!!! 

ChiTownGrl --- 10 years ago -

They didn't say anything about it being cancelled until further notice. They just said it was cancelled today because someone in the states decided to use the plane for humanitarian aid instead.

SFC- that's great! They didn't reschedule the flight and told us we have to go to IPAC on Monday. 

Lizzie Borden --- 10 years ago -

AMC /PE is canceled until further notice.
I know this first hand more than most.. I have been experiencing this non sense all freaking week.
Just got done rebooking AF pax. and we routed them through mainland.. The only way off this island.. as thu TPE and ICN is FULL!

Lizzie Borden --- 10 years ago -

Sucks big time.. and I had to give up my Winefest ticket..

Also yesterday (my Birthday) at Cocok;s.. just finshed the massage, Sat down to get my toes did. As soon as I am bout to stick my feet in.. Phone rings.. Get your boonky in here.. all hell broke loose..

All I wanted was a pedi for my birthday..


SFC :) --- 10 years ago -

MG, I'm confused. Our flight is from Naha to Narita then onto Chicago. 

Lizzie Borden --- 10 years ago -

Oh, that memo is for AF and all that get there tickets from 18 LRS..
Marines, Navy and Army are ok to Transit. 

ChiTownGrl --- 10 years ago -

We just got a call from IPAC and our tickets are getting reissued today, so hopefully we will know something as soon as I can get in touch with my husband and tell him to go over there. 

SFC :) --- 10 years ago -

That's great Chi! We should have a coffee date in the lobby, lol! 

ChiTownGrl --- 10 years ago -

Yeah we should :) I need a drink so bad. It's these moments that I absolutely hate pregnancy! 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

Marines, Navy and Army are ok to Transit.

Lizzie, do you know that for a fact??

I have a friend who is due to return Tuesday through Narita-her hubby is Army. She's scrambling to figure out if it's ok.

Anything official that I can pass on?? Or post here-she's on OU sometimes.


ChiTownGrl --- 10 years ago -

In case anyone reads this and hasn't heard: Anyone who was scheduled to be on the Patriot Express today needs to go to PTO (in bldg 495 for Marines) and get new tickets. Their number is 645-5329. They are trying to contact everyone but it's hard. There is even a scroll at the bottom of AFN now.

Edit: They are open today and you don't have to wait until Monday like we were told at the terminal. 

afriendindeed --- 10 years ago -

The AF is sure getting their money's worth today from the LRS and AMS!

I feel for you. 

MOMtoAandZ --- 10 years ago -

We are AF and they rerouted us through Narita. 

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