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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-25, 11 years ago.

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Some important things I have learned on OU... * Nobody who is E-4 and below can afford more than one child. * Karma causes cancer. * Good spelling and grammar are not necessary. * Anyone can be a photographer. * Coach = Class * You can tell what type of house someone lives in by how they type * Housing should be responsible for taking care of everyone's yard and the fact that they don't makes them lazy *

latest comments

Netflix - 9 years ago

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this. Netflix is now going to be offering a DVD only price plan. I know when they switched their prices last time a lot of people out there were upset since we cou...

Just Curious - 9 years ago

[i]Plus the commissary's here have bags and bags of coupons, and so does the family housing.... [/i] Where do you think all of those coupons come from? It's from people in the states sending them o...

pscing to Yuma - 9 years ago

[i]I can't imagine the people are any scarier than anywhere else in the states. But I guess I'll see that first hand soon enough. [/i] The people who live in 29 are pretty weird I must say.

UGH TMO... - 9 years ago

Oh I am no help then. Sorry!

UGH TMO... - 9 years ago

Is your husband Air Force or MC?

Seattle - 9 years ago

I went on Hilton's site and the regular price for the room was $209 per night. I love We aren't really picky about the name of the hotel we stay at so it doesn't bother us that we don't g...

Seattle - 9 years ago

We booked the Hilton. I used and for all 3 nights, it's only like $250. I'm saving the receipt though and hopefully we will be reimbursed.

Seattle - 9 years ago

Thanks guys. Anyone know anything about Pike's Place Market? :) I'm gonna look at hotels now and hopefully book one.

Seattle - 9 years ago

Well it looks like we got a flight out of Naha tomorrow at 1. However, American Airlines can't get us a flight to Chicago until Wednesday, so we are going to be stuck in Seattle for 3 days. Any sugges...

Today's Patriot Express - 9 years ago

In case anyone reads this and hasn't heard: Anyone who was scheduled to be on the Patriot Express today needs to go to PTO (in bldg 495 for Marines) and get new tickets. Their number is 645-5329. They...

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