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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-17, 13 years ago.

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Pentagon Federal - 12 years ago

Yes, they are! And Saturday as well.

Having A Sad Moment... - 12 years ago

Have Ben&Jerry make it all better for you. :] Chin up, one more day is another day closer!

Emergency Room - 12 years ago

That happened to me a couple weeks ago, turned out I had the stomach flu which is really dangerous if not treated because you cant keep ANYTHING down. I would go just to check it out.

Is this Cheating.. - 12 years ago

or at least thats the policy i live by.

Is this Cheating.. - 12 years ago

if you even have to ask if it is cheating, then it most likely is.

Battery Died in Car, Husband is TDY :( - 13 years ago

Good luck :]

Battery Died in Car, Husband is TDY :( - 13 years ago

Typhoon Motors on Foster: If you enter the base through the SPOT gate, take your first RIGHT, Typhoon Motors will be on your left hand side of that road. Hope that helps!

Battery Died in Car, Husband is TDY :( - 13 years ago

I dont think there is one on Typhoon Motors, I think only on Marine bases... I could be wrong though but thats the assumption Ive had the whole time Ive been here with hubby. They will recharge it fo...

Battery Died in Car, Husband is TDY :( - 13 years ago

Thanks for the reminder, I am going to ask hubby to show me how to jump-start a car, and how to get to Typhoon Motors as well before he leaves. Best of luck to you, I know there is a Typhoon Motors o...

Linkin Park was off the HOOK - 13 years ago

I went, we had a standing "seat" in the A Section. It was alot of fun, the band was great, and yes, it was well worth the money.

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