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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-10, 12 years ago.

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My name is Andrea Starks. I have been on island for a couple of years... I'm pretty quiet and mostly keep to myself, so there isn't much to know!

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lol, what else? - 11 years ago

I love if when people offer me way less than my asking price on something I'm selling and they throw in the "cash now!" part. What else is there? I'm not taking a credit card or a check... it's not ...

Rental Cars - 11 years ago

It would be best for you to rent it. Why would you want your neighbor to do it? Because their friends need to return it for them.

Rental Cars - 11 years ago

They can rent it,but you need to be there when they get it so the rental company can get a copy of your DL, and write down your name for who is going to be driving it.

- 11 years ago

How old is your child, btw?

- 11 years ago

If you are in a taxi on base YES you need a car seat. Off base, no... it's not a law. BUT I would hope that you would use one... for safety reasons. Not to mention the taxi drivers aren't exactly.....

- 11 years ago

Wouldn't you want to?

Question about which is better internet? - 11 years ago

does anyone know if there are problems with mediatti and magicjack? and someone please tell me that mediatti is faster than the internet in the lobby of the shogun innĀ  Lol! no... that is mediatti....

Serious Question - 11 years ago

I highly doubt it will kill the fish. Every tank has a "fishy smell" when you stand right over it, but you shouldn't be able to smell it otherwise. If it is stinking up your house, there is definite...

Serious Question - 11 years ago

I am by far a fish person... But I've never had this problem. Not even with 6 tanks in my house that are 45-65 gallon tanks. I CAN tell you it is NOT the catfish. They don't smell anymore fishy th...

I'm confused.. - 11 years ago

I'm 22.... It's not bad. Especially considering I don't personally know anyone my age, or even twice my age who has half of that in savings.

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