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All Abouts

I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-14, 12 years ago.

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Married for 17 years, and extremely happy. Mother of 5 and again extremely happy with. Easy going, loves clean fun, making new friends and yes I believe in faeries and unicorns ;) Still waiting to go have coffee or anything else, but dont get you hopes up.

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Bad Business Report Tokuzato Housing - 10 years ago

I dont know what your agency, cant say nay for my yet, however when I moved here I took pictures of every single thing that was damaged in this house, showed to them.. I know as any rental they still ...

Beware of Unqualified tax preparers this tax season - 10 years ago

Should have , but they did not, so be it. Now is nice of her to come back here and try to prevent others from making the same mistakes.. it is stupid but some people still naive enough to trust others...

Propane tanks... - 10 years ago

I think at the Shoppetes.. if I am not wrong the one by the gas station

Black friday - 10 years ago

I heard from the people that work on Foster, that some folks camp out in front the store..

Well that dont sound right - 10 years ago

LOL.. It sounds like a perfect solution to get in trouble fast, after all you need at least one sober person on your group to keep you out trouble :).. funny do

Why don't we have threads like this... - 10 years ago

The PU is always fun to read

Well that dont sound right - 10 years ago

[url=]link title[/url] I was under the impression you cannot drink off base past midnight ..or you could not have a drin...

OYS pearl - 10 years ago

Before it gets deleted ""I went to this ladies house only booking online and seeing her website. She seemed very professional online. She is working out of her home and in her garage which is under...

OYS pearl - 10 years ago

[url=]link title[/url] Wonders if she washed her hands before touching this girl hair ?

random question - 10 years ago

Nope, I would not, finders are not keepers in my house, there for giving back should be a normal thing. The only time we pay or allow others to pay/tip the kids is if they are working.. and favors d...

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