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I joined this crazy place on 2018-07-31, 132 days ago.

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Years of years we - 5 hours ago

Years of years we grew up with books, and a wonderful article is ours. People say that writing a good word is inevitable, but I say that reading an article with heart is a must. An article of all its ...

When the book was - 5 hours ago

When the book was picked up, it was a bit too accustomed. Generally, I read Wu Meizhen's literary works, but when she introduced her and two other female writers to form a "flower clothes" combination...

In life, you must have - 12 days ago

In life, you must have something to help others! I have had things to help others, let me talk about it! I was in the second grade of Shilin Primary School in Changqing, one day, when I was in the Chi...

These days, I am not very - 55 days ago

These days, I am not very quiet. Sitting in the yard tonight to enjoy the cold, suddenly remembered the lotus pond that passed through the day, in the moonlight of this full moon, there should always ...

I don't know where I saw - 55 days ago

I don't know where I saw an article describing Lu Xun, and I read it several times in a row, and I was quite touched. the impression, Mr. Lu Xun's biggest feature is - thin, but very spiritual. The ba...

Dad, is it good lately - 68 days ago

Dad, is it good lately? The wind is cold []Marlboro Lights[/url], the frost is like an arrow, it??s really cold! You need to wear more clothes, don't get sick. That high-rise bu...

Liang Qichao wrote in - 68 days ago

Liang Qichao wrote in "Youth China": "Youth wisdom is the national wisdom []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url], the young is rich, the country is rich, the young is strong, the...

Since I started kinderga - 85 days ago

Since I started kindergarten, there have been many teachers who have taught me, but I am most impressed by Teacher Zhang. Whenever a student thinks about handing in a homework, she always says, "What ...

riendship, it is everywhere aro - 85 days ago

riendship, it is everywhere around us. It is a treasure of the human world, we need to cherish it, and the unforgettable friendship is like hatred. It is unforgettable.was a child, my time was very go...

One Saturday afternoon - 99 days ago

One Saturday afternoon, I saw my mother dragging the ground, his face was gray, and the thin sweat on his forehead []Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. I suddenly remembered th...

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