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I joined this crazy place on 2018-07-31, 4 years ago.

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ture of cattle far - 3 years ago

In the rain of the four seasons, Wei Chunyu is the most loved. The summer rain is too violent, and the wind and rain often flood the river. The autumn rain is like a sorrowful woman in the boudoir, an...

s, while the mud on the gr - 3 years ago

pening the "Paper Frog" book, I only casually read a few lines, and I was deeply fascinated by Chen Mingxiang's story. Chen Mingxiang is an ordinary junior high school student. He experienced good fee...

tenacious mind, - 3 years ago

Rabbits are usually a timid and weak animal in people's eyes, and today a book has changed my usual perception of them. The protagonist of the story is a little rabbit named Dot Dot [url=

That unique - 3 years ago

That unique sweetness became a taste that I can't forget in my memory. --Inscription When I was young, I lived with my grandparents in my hometown. I remember when I was sitting on a small bench in th...

posted. Recently, - 3 years ago

I do n��t know the meaning of the song at first, and then I ��m already in the song--the inscription Naihe, I am a listener, cares about my heart, walking on the way back t...

ts me to stick t - 3 years ago

I, I can't run... I really can't run." I panted and said to my mother intermittently. Now I have said goodbye to elementary school and walked into the arms of junior high school. Sports became the "fo...

her grandmother fa - 3 years ago

f my body and mind was swept away. The whole world seemed to be filled with happiness and beauty. It turns out that it is fun to be bitter and to have fun in the bitterness. [The second moonlight shin...

Life, Wang Yang - 3 years ago

Life, Wang Yang, take a leaf boat, dreams of wind and waves. The wind roared, and the boat was overturned. The waves screamed and wanted to blur the route [url=]Newport Ciga...

repair computers, I - 3 years ago

Every time I see some old people, my heart will tremble slightly. They gave me an inexplicable intimacy and a sadness that could not be said. On the way to school, I suddenly came across a sly figure....

When the Ching - 3 years ago

When the Ching Ming Festival arrived, Mom and Dad took me to my grandmother's house to sweep the grave for my grandfather. After reaching the countryside at around 10 o'clock in the morning, I went to...

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